Note: This component is still experimental, use with caution! The API is NOT stable, and might change in minor or patch versions of the library. Help us get this component out of the experimental state by providing feedback.

  aria-label="Filter By Input value"
  label="Filter by"
  clearAllLabel="Clear all"
    All options in the filter field above
  my content


You have to import the DtQuickFilterModule when you want to use the <dt-quick-filter>, <dt-quick-filter-title> and <dt-quick-filter-sub-title>. Note that you need Angular's BrowserAnimationsModule if you want to have animations or the NoopAnimationsModule if you don't.

import { BrowserAnimationsModule } from '@angular/platform-browser/animations';
import { DtQuickFilterModule } from '@dynatrace/barista-components/experimental/quick-filter';

  imports: [BrowserAnimationsModule, DtQuickFilterModule],
class AppModule {}

To use the quick filter in your template there is the <dt-quick-filter [dataSource]="_dataSource"> where you have to bind the data source. The default content within the dt-quick-filter will be placed within the quick-filter main content area. To set the title and the subtitle of the sidebar you can leverage the <dt-quick-filter-title> and <dt-quick-filter-sub-title> tags to provide a level of customization.


Name Type Default Description
dataSource DtQuickFilterDataSource Provide a DataSource to feed data to the filter field and the quick filter. This input is mandatory.
filters any[][] The currently selected filters. This input can also be used to programmatically add filters to the quick filter and filter field.
label string The label for the input field. Can be set to something like "Filter by". Will be placed next to the filter icon in the filter field
clearAllLabel string Label for the "Clear all" button in the filter field. Can be set to something like "Clear all".
aria-label string Sets the value for the Aria-Label attribute.
groupHeadlineRole number The aria-level of the group headlines for the document outline.


Name Type Description
filterChanges EventEmitter<DtQuickFilterChangeEvent> Event emitted when filters have been updated by user interaction. Wont be triggered by programmatic changes
currentFilterChanges EventEmitter<DtQuickFilterCurrentFilterChangeEvent> Event emitted when filters in the filter field of the quick filter are edited.
inputChange EventEmitter<string> Event emitted when the input value in the filter field of the quick filter changes.