An info group (<dt-info-group>) is used to show data in a simple way. It's a visual container for combining an icon with two lines of text (title and content). It often comes with multiple instances of itself to give a quick overview and summarize content, e.g. inside a table cell.

The textual content could be a link, otherwise the info group has no interactivity. The color of the icon is themeable. The width is defined by the space that is left.

    <dt-icon name="user-uem"></dt-icon>
  <dt-info-group-title>5 min 30 s</dt-info-group-title>
  Session duration


You have to import the DtInfoGroupModule when you want to use the <dt-info-group>:

  imports: [DtInfoGroupModule],
class MyModule {}

Basic setup

In addition to the custom content, the info-group can also hold some special sections (directives):

  • <dt-info-group-title> - The title of this info group.
  • <dt-info-group-icon> - The icon on the left of the info group is themeable.

Info groups in use