1. Node.js 12+
  2. npm (which should be installed together with Node.js)


  1. Install npm dependencies
    npm install
  2. Build the Barista components library
    npm run build

Repository structure

The Barista repository has the following structure:

  • apps:
    • barista-design-system: the Barista design system.
    • components-e2e: testapp to run UI/e2e tests.
    • demos: The preview app that includes all examples that get compiled and bundled for the Barista design system.
    • dev: local development app to test components.
    • universal: app to verify that the components can be used in a serverside rendered context.
  • concepts: describes some of the underlying concepts which are applied or will be applied in our Barista design system.
  • documentation: additional documentation files.
  • libs:
    • barista-components: the Barista components library source code. There's a separate library for each component.
    • examples: contains all examples of compoents which are used by the demo and the Barista design system app.
    • shared: various shared libraries.
    • testing: helpers for writing tests.
    • tools: tooling- and ecosystem-related code like linting, releasing, etc.
    • workspace: builders, schematics and scripts needed to build libraries, create them and run them in our CI environment.
  • tools: more tooling- and ecosystem-related code for GitHub actions, stylelinting, etc.


Use the dev app (located in apps/dev) for development of Barista components. Start it using one of the following commands

npm run dev

Tests and stylelint

Run unit tests for the parts that are affected by your changes

npm run test

Unit tests with watcher for local testing

ng test --watch

UI Tests

npm run e2e

Universal build

npm run universal


npm run lint

Barista examples app & Barista

To run the Barista examples app with all examples that will be used inside the Barista design system run

npm run demos

which generates all examples and starts the demos app.

If you want to run the design system itself including the demos embedded use

npm run barista