Migrate from v6 to v7


For the major version upgrade to 7.0.0 we bumped the version of the peer dependency highcharts to use version ^7.0.0. This version of highcharts is the first version that comes with official typings for typescript. Previously we had to use community typings that were outdated. This upgrade requires some manual changes to be performed for those typings.

Most common typings from the previous version:


If you used SeriesOptions before, please use Options from highcharts or DtChartOptions for the options part of the configuration.


If you used IndividualSeriesOptions before, please either use the DtChartSeries type or use one of the types used in the union if you can be more explicit, e.g. SeriesBarOptions, SeriesColumnOptions, SeriesLineOptions, SeriesAreaOptions, SeriesArearangeOptions, SeriesPieOptions. The dt-chart does not support other chart types.


If you used the DataPoint type before, in most cases the new type that fits in highcharts 7 is PointOptionsObject.

lodash -> lodash-es

We switched the peer dependency of lodash to lodash-es to enable treeshaking and reduce our bundle size. Our advice would be to also switch to lodash-es for your app. If you are using jest as a testrunner as we do and encounter problems with lodash-es because it does not ship commonjs bundles, you can add the following snippet to your jest.config.js.

  moduleNameMapper: {
    // map lodash-es to lodash bundle since jest needs commonjs
    '^lodash-es$': 'node_modules/lodash/index.js',

Note: You need to have lodash installed as a dev dependency as well, since jest will take the lodash version for all lodash-es imports in your code.

Filter field

We improved the typings for our DtFilterFieldDefaultDatasource class. The class is not a generic class anymore. Please remove the generic type and verify that your code is compatible with our default datasource implementation. If you want to use your own types for the filter field please create your own datasource.