The <dt-combobox> is similar to the <dt-select> component in the sense that it is a form control for selecting a value from a list of options. The major differences between the two components is that the <dt-combobox> allows the user to freely filter for options before selecting one. This makes it much more suitable for large amounts of data that couldn't be handled well by the <dt-select> component. It is also designed to work with Angular forms. By using the <dt-option> element, which is also provided in the select module, you can add values to the select. Also, the use of <dt-optgroup> is supported for grouping options.

  placeholder="Start typing or open dropdown for top list"
  aria-label="A simple combobox example"
  <dt-option *ngFor="let option of _options" [value]="option">
    {{ }}


You have to import the DtComboboxModule when you want to use the <dt-combobox>. The <dt-combobox> component also requires Angular's BrowserAnimationsModule for animations. For more details on this see Step 2: Animations in the getting started guide.

  imports: [DtComboboxModule],
class MyModule {}


The API of the <dt-combobox> is very similar to the native <select> element, but has some additional useful functions, like a placeholder property. It is possible to disable the entire select or individual options in the select by using the disabled property on the <dt-combobox> or <dt-option>

The <dt-combobox> also supports all of the form directives from the core FormsModule (NgModel) and ReactiveFormsModule (FormControl, FormGroup, etc.).

DtCombobox Inputs

Name Type Default Value Description
id string '' The ID for the combobox.
value T | null null The currently selected value in the combobox.
loading boolean false When set to true, a loading indicator is shown to show to the user that data is currently being loaded/filtered.
required boolean false Whether the control is required.
panelClass string '' An arbitrary class name that is added to the combobox dropdown.
placeholder string | undefined undefined A placeholder text for the input field.
displayWith (value: T) => string (value: T) =>\${value} A function returning a display name for a given object that represents an option from the combobox.
aria-label string undefined Aria label of the select.
aria-labelledby string undefined Input that can be used to specify the aria-labelledby attribute.
focused boolean false Whether the control is focused.

DtOption inputs

Name Type Description
value T The form value of the option.
disabled boolean Whether the option is disabled.

DtCombobox Outputs

Name Type Description
valueChange EventEmitter<T> Event emitted when a new value has been selected.
filterChange EventEmitter<string> Event emitted when the filter changes.
openedChange EventEmitter<boolean> Event emitted when the select panel has been toggled.