This Angular component provides basic expand/collapse functionality for inline-text without any styling.

With automatic monitoring enabled, you can create rules that define exceptions
to automatic process detection and monitoring. With automatic monitoring
disabled, you can define rules that identify specific processes that should be
monitored. Rules are applied in the order listed below.
<dt-expandable-text label="More..." labelClose="Less">
  This means that you can construct complex operations for fine-grain control
  over the processes that are monitored in your environment. For example, you
  might define an inclusion rule that’s followed by an exclusion rule covering
  the same process.


You have to import the DtExpandableTextModule when you want to use the <dt-expandable-text>:

  imports: [DtExpandableTextModule],
class MyModule {}


To apply the Dynatrace expandable text, use the <dt-expandable-text> element.

Attribute Description
dt-expandable-text The expandable text but without styling


Name Type Default Description
expanded boolean false Sets the text's expanded state.
id string dt-expandable-text-{rollingnumber} Sets a unique id for the expandable text.
label string Sets the label of the expand-button
labelClose string Sets the label of the collapse-button


Name Type Description
expandChanged Eventemitter<boolean> Emits and event when the expandedstate changes.
expanded Eventemitter<void> Event emitted when text is expanded.
collapsed Eventemitter<void> Event emitted when text is collapsed.


Name Return Value Description
toggle void Toggles the expanded state, i.e. changes it to expanded if collapsed, or vice-versa.
open void Expands the text.
close void Closes the text.