What is the Barista Design System?

The Barista Design System is a collection of reusable components, patterns and styles living in code. All parts follow the Dynatrace design principles. This Design System helps us to present Dynatrace in a unified, consistent way, across all web entities and applications. It provides tools, guidance and resources to support design, development, and cross-team collaboration. Furthermore, it enables fast planning, building and shipping of applications while everyone can focus on customer needs, instead of reinventing the wheel every day.

What is so special about the Dynatrace design?

Yes, there are many great design system out there. The Barista Design System is based on three design principles:

Visualizing answers

Dynatrace gives answers - not just data. Finding and perceiving these answers easily is one of our main goals. We are using the basic principles of visual perception to prepare them for our users.

Tailored to scale

Dynatrace visualises an incredibly huge amount of answers. Our job is not only to make them available, but to make them consumable for our users.

Our design system needs to reflect this. Thus it needs to scale in any direction. This includes every screen size, an infinite number of entities and the number of people working with it. To manage huge environments for our 8000+ enterprise customers worldwide. Meeting this requirement, all building blocks incorporated in this system support scaling - for every user, on every device.

High-performance UI

At Dynatrace, an application's performance is really important. Therefore, our UI needs to perform well too. Besides high-quality, well performing code, the perceived performance is crucial. Our UI components and patterns enable Dynatrace to be rocket-fast.

Who created the Barista Design System?

The Barista Design System is a project built and maintained by UX designers, developers and design operations engineers.

How can I contribute?

If you would like to help building and maintaining the Barista Design System please checkout how to get started.

How is Barista licensed?

Barista is made available under the Apache 2.0 license – the terms are available here.

Who can I contact when I have questions?

If you have any questions regarding the Barista Design System please feel free to reach out to the Dynatrace DesignOps team.